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sonneteer morpheus music server and cd-ripper

sonneteer morpheus music server and cd-ripper

Sonneteer launch Morpheus Music Server and CD ripper to marry with music centre.
 3TB and in multi colour.

British luxury brand Sonneteer Unveil their ripping Music Server to marry with Morpheus Music Centre, showing at CES Las Vegas, now available and shipping in multi colour.

Named the Morpheus Music Server, joins the Morpheus Music Centre and hand made in the UK by Sonneteer, the British luxury music systems brand. Showing at Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this January the Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server comes hot on the heels of Sonneteer announcing that their entire range will be available to order in a range of colours. This will apply to all Sonneteer products too. Sonneteer’s Haider Bahrani also said that,” if a customer has a particular request then we are happy to spend some time with them to fully meet their needs.”

The Product
The Morpheus Music Server rips, stores and sits quietly in the corner whilst all the Morpheus Music centres in the home pull the music to play in the particular room which they reside. So in plane terms, the user can slip their CD through the slot on the front and go make a cup of tea. The Morpheus Server, in the mean time, will be copying the contents of the CD to its hard drive storage (all three terra bites of it), cataloguing it with Album name, Artist, song titles etc. and making it ready for the Morpheus Music Centres to see. All one needs to do, while still sipping the cup of tea, is to select the music on the Music Centre and press play, as one would with any other hi-fi. If you have more than one Morpheus in the house then they too can feed off the server for music.
Sonneteer, in developing the new Server have adopted all techniques known and developed a few of their own to make sure the unit is as quiet as can be and as easy to use, in tandem with the Morpheus Music Centre, as is possible. The Morpheus Server also has a number of neat tricks under its sleeve. To make up its three terra bites , for example, it employs two drives and they are set up, out of the box, the mirror each other. So should one of them fail at any time, the other will have the users music stored safe and sound.

Sonneteer products

Already renowned amongst aficionados, Sonneteer make, modern and traditional music systems for the luxury goods market. Sound quality specialists, Sonneteer are well known for adopting cutting edge technology whilst maintaining the ethos traditional high end, British hi-fi.
Sonneteer entered the luxury lifestyle market with Morpheus in 2009 which was recently given the accolade of an Audio Excellence Award from Japan(for 2010). Their range of esoteric, hi-fi separates have been favourites amongst music lovers for years, particularly their Campion and Alabaster amplifiers and the Sedley phono stage (sits between a record player and a music system) which itself is a former recipient of the Japanese award amongst many others.

About Sonneteer

Since 1994, as a British high end company, Sonneteer have epitomised the best in high quality, high technology hi-fi. Their in house design and development team have attracted global praise for their products including, recently, 4 technology awards from the hotbed of high tech', Japan.
Multi award winners and renowned for their high quality, high end hi-fi separates Sonneteer are also known for pioneering the adoption of new technologies into the luxury audio market. The Bronte digital amplifier in 1999 and the Bard audio wireless solutions in the early 2000's, to name but two examples, blazed the trails that many would follow.

Often copied, never bettered.