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straight wire
Expressivo Grande
  • Waardig opvolger van de Maestro luidsprekerkabel
  • Puur koper, zeer ruimtelijke weergave
straight wire
RHAPSODY S 2 x 3 meter
  • Advanced Helix design of silver coated OFHC precision copper conductors
  • Ideal for listeners who prefer smooth, extended highs with a warm, but never loose, bass foundation
straight wire
  • In elke kleur te verkrijgen
  • Soepele en makkelijk in het gehoor liggende kabel, een waardig opvolger van de Maestro
straight wire
SERENADE II 2 x 3 meter
  • Advanced Helical design featuring "CCT" (compressed copper technology) conductors and super foamed polypropylene insulation
  • Delivers an engaging, full soundstage for true "lifelike" performance. You hear all of the details and inflections of the performance totally unrestricted by this low resistance speaker cable
straight wire
  • Instruments and voices are precisely placed in your room with a level of realism that will make you shiver during dynamic passages
straight wire
CRESENDO II 2 x 3 meter
  • Crescendo speaker cable was the first Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) design produced by Straight Wire
  • Lifelike preservation of low level details coupled with unmatched dynamics and detail are easy to discern with this cable. It synergizes reference caliber components to provide captivating performances